Day 11 – The Final Day: Roquemaure to the Mediterranean.

Day 11 already!! Where did that time (and distance) go? It only seems like yesterday that I was rolling along the A20 in Kent, full of anticipation, a little dread and some crap sausage rolls! The weather this morning as I wheeled my trusty alloy steed outside, was warm, bright and sunny. The winds hadContinue reading “Day 11 – The Final Day: Roquemaure to the Mediterranean.”

Day 10 Valence – Roquemaure

This morning, my dwindling faith in the French weather was now as spartan as the blue sky above me as I reluctantly pushed the bike out into the street. The air felt thick with moisture as I immediately headed South into the same headwind that was hellbent on holding me up yesterday. Today is VEContinue reading “Day 10 Valence – Roquemaure”

Day 9. Fontaines sur Saone – Valence

Sorry that this is a little late. I’m back home in sunny England now and trying to catch up with everything. Day 9 already!….. Time’s passing by. After another gut-busting breakfast, I hauled myself onto the bike and freewheeled down to the Saone river North of Lyon with the first job being to negotiate theContinue reading “Day 9. Fontaines sur Saone – Valence”

Day 8. Tournus – Fontaines sur Saone

Monday. Hardly seems possible that a week ago I was freewheeling down through Hyde Park at the very start of this ride. The sun was out today! Still a tad chilly but with plenty of blue sky around, everything felt rosy as I bade Au Revoir to my hosts and rolled off down towards theContinue reading “Day 8. Tournus – Fontaines sur Saone”

Day 7 Heuilley sur Saone – Tournus

Following yesterday’s trials and tribulations, I emerged from Chez B&B with fresh, clean and dry kit ready to do battle with what Sunday had to throw at me. Thankfully the rain has ceased and the sun was putting in an appearance. Temperatures were still way down below average though due to the northerly winds. However,Continue reading “Day 7 Heuilley sur Saone – Tournus”

Day 6 Chaumont – Heuilley sur Saone.

I would open this post with a picture but I cant remember taking one. The reason? The Weather! Now, living in Devon, I’m quite used to the wet stuff dropping from the sky. It’s quite a regular thing down our way. It’s rarely a problem as we’re all geared up for it. I on theContinue reading “Day 6 Chaumont – Heuilley sur Saone.”

Day 5. Chalons en Champagne to Chaumont

90+ French miles were in the offing today. After yesterday’s downpour, I’d spent a fun evening getting everything dried out for today. The route for the entire day was pretty straight forward and that was to pick up the cycle path on the Marne Canal and keep pedalling until my little GPS told me otherwise.Continue reading “Day 5. Chalons en Champagne to Chaumont”

Day 4. Marle to Chalons en Champagne

My host in Marle laid on a breakfast fit for a king this morning. Breads, pastries, cakes. An utter carb-fest! Afterwards, I was actually ready for a lie down and not spend half a day on a bike. After waving goodbye to Monsieur et Madame, I pedalled off only to stop after 25yds as myContinue reading “Day 4. Marle to Chalons en Champagne”